Different characteristics of knitted fabric and woven fabric in fabric


    Today talk about the different characteri […]



Today talk about the different characteristics of knitted fabrics and woven fabrics in fabric structure, the following is introduced by Hangzhou Mengda Industry Co., Ltd.


(A) Knitted fabric: Because the loop is formed by bending the yarn in space, and each loop is composed of a yarn, when the knitted fabric is subjected to external tension, such as longitudinal stretching, the bending of the loop changes, and the loop The height of the loop is also increased, while the width of the loop is reduced. If the tension is laterally stretched, the situation is reversed. The height and width of the loop are obviously interchangeable under different tension conditions, so the stretchability of the knitted fabric is large.


(B) Woven fabric: Because the warp yarn and weft yarn are interwoven at some places, and the jacket is bent in the direction perpendicular to the fabric plane, its bending degree is related to the mutual tension between the warp and weft yarns, and the yarn rigidity. External tension, such as warp yarn tension increases when longitudinally stretched, and bending decreases, while weft yarn bends increase, such as longitudinal stretching, until the warp yarn is completely straightened, and the fabric shrinks laterally. When the woven fabric is stretched laterally by external tension, the tension of the weft yarn increases and the bending decreases, while the warp yarn bends increase, such as the transverse stretching continues until the weft yarn is completely straightened, and the fabric shrinks longitudinally. The warp and weft yarns do not change, unlike knitted fabrics.


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