How to wash Tencel fabric


   In the process of using Tencel fabrics, there will i […]

   In the process of using Tencel fabrics, there will inevitably be a need for cleaning, and everyone needs to ensure that the fabric is cleaned correctly, so that the appearance and dimensional stability of the fabric can be guaranteed, so as to effectively optimize the use of the fabric. So specifically how should this fabric be cleaned?

  Cleaning Tencel fabrics, in general, there is not much difference between the washing methods of other types of fabrics, but you need to pay attention to the specific composition of the fabric and choose the appropriate cleaning method according to the composition. For example, for pure Tencel fabrics, you can safely wash them in the washing machine, because such fabrics are generally not easy to deform and fade due to machine washing, and machine washing is fine. But if the Tencel fabric contains some other costs, when you wash the fabric, you need to consider the cleaning requirements of the specific material composition to choose a suitable method.

To put it simply, washing Tencel fabrics requires everyone to follow the cleaning instructions on the product label to wash them in an appropriate way. As long as the washing method and operation meet the requirements, the fabrics can be thoroughly cleaned at the same time. Good protection. Specifically, to properly wash Tencel fabrics, in addition to requiring everyone to choose the appropriate washing method, and to determine which method is more suitable for machine washing or hand washing, you also need to pay attention to choosing the central detergent and pay attention to controlling the water temperature when washing. Avoid excessive water temperature.

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