Identification method of flannel fabric


  Regarding the identification method of flannel f […]


Regarding the identification method of flannel fabrics, Hangzhou Mengda Industry Co., Ltd speaks your own opinions, and hopes to have some reference for you.

1. Flannel is a foreign term, which is also a reason why many friends do not understand flannel fabrics. The fabric first originated in the UK and was woven with carded wool yarn with a layer of plump fine down in the middle. The texture of the whole fabric is very soft, and the fluff is evenly covered and the texture is tight. These are just a preliminary understanding of flannel, the following will specifically understand this fabric.

2. When buying suede fabrics, hair loss and depilation are the most worrying problems. For some suede fabrics, the sparse suede, the coarse or hard hair, etc., is the flannel fabric good? excusable. It should be explained here that compared with other suedes, the raw material of flannel uses wool fiber, which is dyed and then mixed with natural wool. After blending, it is woven into mixed color wool yarn. Generally, twill and plain weave are used. The textile has Very good warmth and flexibility.

3. The use of flannel is very extensive, mainly because the fabric has many advantages. After the tedious textile process, the finished fabric has a very thick suede surface and a very soft feel. The fine velvet in the middle layer of the fabric makes the velvet The surface is very delicate, completely free of the rough and twill weaving skills of other fabrics, which makes the fleece arrangement of the fabric very tight, without revealing the texture; the dyeing before weaving makes the color and pattern of the fabric bright and clear, and it will not fade. The phenomenon. Is this flannel fabric good? it goes without saying.

4. From the raw material to the textile, we clearly understand the characteristics of the flannel fabric, and also answer the question of whether the flannel fabric is good. I believe that whether it is warmth, softness, and fashion classics, flannel is a warm fabric worth having.

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