Introduction of Oxford cloth


OXFORD, a variable plain weave or heavy plain weave, ca […]

OXFORD, a variable plain weave or heavy plain weave, can be woven with various textile fibers.

The price of Oxford cloth varies from a few yuan to more than ten yuan depending on the fiber and width.

Oxford cloth is named after the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom. It was the traditional combed cotton fabric for the school uniforms of the students in the early days. The most prominent feature of traditional Oxford cloth is color warp and white weft, double warp and single weft, 2/2 double flat weave, and the cloth surface has a clear color point effect. Now it has become a new type of fabric with multiple functions and a wide range of uses. At present, the main products on the market include: lattice, full-stretch, nylon, and tige.

1) Grid Oxford cloth: specially used to make all kinds of bags

The warp and weft of the fabric are made of polyester FDY150D/36F. The fabric is interwoven with a plain weave on a water jet loom. The warp and weft density is 360X210. After the grey fabric is treated with relaxation, alkali content, dyeing, anti-static, coating, etc., it has a light texture, soft hand feeling, good waterproofness and good durability. And other advantages.

2) Nylon Oxford cloth: mainly produces flood and rain protection products

The warp of the fabric is made of 200D nylon air change yarn, and the weft is made of 160D nylon air change yarn. It is a plain weave structure, and the product is woven by water jet. After dyeing, finishing and coating process, the grey cloth has the advantages of soft hand feeling, strong drape, novel style, waterproof performance, etc., and the cloth mask has the gloss and sensory effect of nylon silk. Because of its high quality and novel design, it is deeply loved by users. The width of the fabric is 150cm. It is understood that the fabric is based on the market with its advantages of non-fading and non-deformation. The colors on the market are available in different types such as navy blue, light black, tiger yellow, and dark green, and can be dyed in batches according to customer needs.

3) Full stretch Oxford cloth: mainly making bags

The warp and weft yarns of the fabric are made of polyester DTY300D yarns, which are interwoven on a water jet loom with a coarse-point variable permeable weave. After the fabric is relaxed, refined, pre-shaped, alkali-reduced, and soft-set, the reverse side of the fabric is then passed through the rubber-plastic polyester layer. With fine texture, soft luster, and good water resistance, the bags made of this product are fashionable and trendy pets that dress up ladies. The fabric width is 150cm.

4) Tige Oxford cloth: mainly produces all kinds of bags

The warp yarn of the fabric uses polyester DTY400D network yarn, and the weft yarn uses polyester DTY yarn 400D. It is made of ticking texture and interwoven on a water jet (with faucet) loom. The fabric design is novel, the craft is unique, the front checkered pattern is prominent, the three-dimensional feeling is strong, and it becomes the most prominent part of the fabric. At the same time, the coating (PU) process is also used on the back to make it more waterproof and drape. Kind of fashionable materials for luggage. The width of the fabric is 160cm, and the weight is 320g/m. The listed colors are mainly black, navy blue, coffee series, etc.

5) Weft Oxford cloth: mainly produces various bags

The warp of the fabric is polyester FDY68D/24F, and the weft is FDY150D/36F as the raw material. The weaving process is interwoven by weft strips in water jet weaving (with dobby faucet). The cloth noodles are clear, combining modernity, artistry and drape. After the grey fabric is dyed, embossed or calendered, it has the advantages of strong drape and good water resistance. The fabric width is 160cm.


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