Introduction to woven fabrics


Different woven fabrics have different fabrics Woven fa […]

Different woven fabrics have different fabrics

Woven fabrics, also called woven fabrics, are fabrics formed by weaving warp yarns and weft yarns perpendicular to each other. Its basic structure has three types: plain weave, twill weave and satin weave. Different woven fabrics are also composed of these three basic organizations and their varied organizations. Mainly include Chiffon, Oxford, Denim, Drill, Flannel, Damask, etc.

  The fabrics selected for linen jersey are all typical structures. Woven fabrics mainly include: plain cloth, poplin, twill, crepe fabric, pile fabric, oxford, denim, anti-down fabric, satin, linen fabric, canvas, small jacquard, worsted fabric, woolen fabric . Knitted fabrics mainly include: weft-knitted plain fabrics, weft-knitted colored fabrics, weft-knitted fleece fabrics, and weft-knitted multilayer fabrics. Readers can intuitively understand the characteristics and feel of the fabric through the observation of the actual fabric, as a reference for beginners in new product design, fabric procurement and textile fabric design.

  The process design mainly focuses on cotton dyeing and finishing products, taking into account other types of dyeing and finishing products. The content includes determining the dyeing and finishing product plan, formulating the process flow, process prescription, process conditions and process implementation instructions to facilitate selection according to actual needs. At the same time, it is equipped with a large number of actual production cases, which can expand students' horizons and has strong practicability and maneuverability.

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