Is there a difference between cotton and cotton clothes?


Many people do not pay attention to the fabric when buy […]

Many people do not pay attention to the fabric when buying clothes, and then do not look at the method when they go home to wash, which causes the clothes to be deformed and wrinkled. If you want to wear clothes comfortably, then we need to have a certain understanding of the fabric. The label "pure cotton Many people can’t tell the specific difference.

Pure cotton fabrics are generally made of cotton, and their cotton content is very high. If the cotton content is above 70%, it is called pure cotton. However, cotton fabric is generally a proper term used in many clothing and other materials. For example, common cotton products are generally divided into many types.

Among them are poplin, linen yarn, twill, khaki, whistle, gabardine, labor cloth, Oxford cloth, chambray, thread and velvet, etc. Therefore, cotton means that the fabric is made of 100% cotton.

As long as the pure cotton contains more than 75% cotton, it is called full cotton. There is also a difference in processing. The pure cotton fabric is easy to wrinkle, but the cotton fabric is not easy to wrinkle because of the difference in processing.

In fact, there is not much difference between pure cotton fabric and cotton fabric in essence. It mainly depends on the degree of shrinkage after washing. The two are the same, they will shrink somewhat, but relatively speaking, the degree of shrinkage of pure cotton is relative. Said to be bigger.

The density of cotton fabric is relatively high, and it will be more stuffy in summer. For the need to keep warm in winter, cotton fabric is the best. It has a certain thickness and has strong warmth retention. In summer, you can actually choose some blends. Cotton clothing, summer cotton and linen fabrics are still very popular.

The ratio of cotton and linen is very important. Generally speaking, 35% linen and 65% cotton are the most suitable. Linen will feel cool and cotton will feel soft. The combination of these two fabrics will make the clothes lighter, which is very suitable for summer. Wear it at the time, and the style of cotton and linen clothes is relatively loose, suitable for any age.

The characteristic of cotton and linen is that it retains the unique rough and crisp style of knitted fabrics in appearance, but it also has the soft characteristics of cotton fabrics. Therefore, the cotton and linen clothing we wear will be more elegant, with better permeability in summer, and at the same time. Has the effect of absorbing sweat.

The cotton and linen garments we have learned before are mostly single-piece or loose-fitting dresses, but now many designs have been made into suits, which are loved by everyone, and more and more designers have started Pay attention to this kind of fabric, so the current cotton and linen fabric is very popular.

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