6 common woven four-sided stretch fabrics


1. Polyester woven four-sided stretch fabric. The marke […]

1. Polyester woven four-sided stretch fabric. The market share is very high, both light skirts, beach pants, sportswear, and heavy autumn and winter casual wear. The advantages are high strength, high cost performance, low relative price, suitable for popular brands, and huge demand. The disadvantage is that it is poor in moisture absorption and breathability, not very close to the body, and hot in summer.

2. Nylon woven four-sided stretch fabric. It is a grade higher than polyester woven four-sided stretch fabric, suitable for mid-to-high-end casual fashion, and has better flexibility. It is currently innovating in two extreme directions, ultra-thin and ultra-thick, and has great growth potential. The advantages and disadvantages are very similar to those of polyester and will not be repeated.

3. Cotton woven four-sided stretch fabric. It is also a difficult category in the field of cotton. It is mainly used to make high-stretch casual pants. Generally, garments are washed to enhance softness, breathable and comfortable. They are positioned in the high-end market. The disadvantage is that there are very few categories.

4. Sticky cotton woven four-sided stretch fabric. It is also a new breed. It is softer and softer than pure cotton. The industrial status is very similar to pure cotton woven four-sided stretch fabric. There are too few categories to be enriched.

5. Nylon cotton, Nylon sticky woven four-sided stretch fabric. This is an extended development of nylon woven four-sided stretch fabric, which is very representative. It uses breathable and comfortable raw materials to make up the short fiber of the chemical fiber, while increasing the strength, and the price is relatively good. Can quickly meet the needs of different seasons, the market has a lot of space.

6. T / R woven four-sided stretch fabric. It is a blended product of polyester staple fiber and rayon. It is a very mature independent industry. It has been classified as a traditional category. It has the appearance of wool and is very soft. It is also rich in yarn-dyed and yarn-dyed yarns. Extremely love.

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