What are the four-sided stretch fabrics


The development and change of four-sided stretch fabric […]

The development and change of four-sided stretch fabrics are also from conventional to complex, from chemical fiber to natural and then recycled fiber. There are single components, and weaving and blending. The structure is mostly plain and twill. In this article, Ran Textile will analyze it one by one for friends. Take a look at the basic characteristics of various four-sided stretch fabrics.

1. Polyester four-sided stretch fabric, mainly plain and twill, and double-layer structure of various composite yarns. It is the most common type of four-sided stretch fabric. According to the thickness of the silk, there are 150D, 100D, 75D, 50D, 20D and other polyester spandex bags. Covered with silk, ordinary polyester four-sided stretch fabrics are mainly medium and high D. The polyester four-sided stretch fabric is characterized by low raw material costs, so it is cheap, the category is very rich in specifications, and the quality is stable. It is the best-selling in the low-end market. The disadvantages are poor ventilation and perspiration, color fastness and environmental protection indicators are not ideal. General polyester Four-sided stretch fabric is classified as a low-end product.

2.Nylon four-sided stretch fabric, using 70D + 40D nylon-coated silk as the main raw material, with plain weave, twill weave, and double-layer changing structure, etc. The strength and toughness are better, but the breathable and perspiration function is not good, but the grade is better than polyester Four-sided stretch fabrics are high, mainly used for various types of casual sports fashion and women's casual pants. Due to the stable supply of raw materials and diverse organizational textures, nylon four-sided stretch fabrics have been selling well for many years, and Zhongran Textile also has a large supply.

3. Cotton four-sided stretch fabric has only developed in recent years. The category is relatively single, mainly due to the level of printing and dyeing. The raw materials are mostly made of 32S / 2 elastic strands to make twill texture. The advantage is that it fully reflects the characteristics of cotton. , More comfortable to wear, the disadvantage is that the soft waxy feeling is insufficient, the skin-friendly feeling needs to be improved.

4. Viscose cotton four-sided stretch fabric is a newly developed product. It is blended with artificial cotton and raw cotton, which is softer and lighter than cotton four-sided stretch. It is also dyed with the most environmentally friendly reactive dyes. Environmental protection, it is a very ideal casual pants fabric. The disadvantage is that the sticky cotton four-sided stretch category is also very scarce. The twill weave is mainly developed with 40S / 2 strands. The weight of 280G / sm can be worn in spring, autumn and winter, but The thickness variation is still not rich enough.

5. Nylon four-sided stretch fabric is an interlaced product, which is an improvement from nylon four-sided stretch fabric. Like our Zhongran textile, weft yarns are often adjusted to elastic cotton yarns with the same warp beams. The organization is twill and double layers. It is mainly organized. Although nylon viscose four-sided stretch fabric is not as popular as polyester and nylon four-sided stretch fabric, there is a lot of room for change and innovation. The use of artificial cotton stretch yarn to improve wearing comfort guarantees high-quality characteristics, so it is worth promoting.

6. The design principle of Nylon cotton four-sided stretch fabric is the same as that of Nylon four-sided elastic, but the cotton elastic yarn is not as soft and delicate as rayon elastic yarn, so the Nylon cotton four-sided elastic fabric is not comfortable to wear, but many customers use it. Garment washing and other methods have greatly improved the wearability. Due to the rich variety of cotton stretch yarns, it has provided good conditions for the innovation of nylon and cotton four-sided stretch fabrics, so nylon and cotton four-sided stretch fabrics will have great development.

7. T / R four-sided elastic is the most widely used in the mid-end fashion market. It is made of blended yarns of cotton staple fiber and polyester staple fiber. It has a soft color, soft skin, and changes in organization and thickness. Diversity is a very independent traditional industry, which is exported to all corners of the world, so the market share of T / R four-sided ammunition is extremely high, but the growth rate has slowed down in recent years due to too traditional.

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