Composition of rayon spandex jersey


The rayon spandex jersey fabric is made of 95% rayon an […]

The rayon spandex jersey fabric is made of 95% rayon and 5% spandex, and the specifications are 32S/30S+20D as raw materials. The plain weave is selected and weaved on a circular knitting machine. After that, it has been finalized, dyed, and printed. Deep processing technology. The width of this cloth is 150-170cm, the weight is 160-220 (g/m2), the unit price is 38.00 yuan/kg, and there are many patterns and so on. With its unique strengths such as free stretch, concise and lively, decent dress, and wide adaptability, it has occupied the recent sales highlights of the fabric market. The fabric can not only be used as children's clothing, but also a fashionable fabric for making women's T-shirts.

Features of Tencel Rayon Fabric

Tencel rayon fabric, as the name implies, is a textile fabric made by combining Tencel and rayon. Tencel rayon fabric is divided into two major product series, blended and interwoven. The main feature is soft and elegant, skin-friendly and breathable. It is used for spring and summer ladies shirts. It is a very rare good material for dresses and dresses. It has the concept of new international fashion.

Tencel rayon fabric is also called Tencel rayon, but it is not specific, referred to as Tencel rayon. Below we will analyze the composition of Tencel rayon in detail. The blended Tencel rayon is a product made by blending Tencel staple fiber and rayon in a certain proportion. The general composition ratio is 30% Tencel and 70% rayon. This combination guarantees the flexibility of Tencel and is very draped. Elegant, softer than pure Tencel, and more textured than artificial cotton. Tencel rayon blended, there are ordinary and branded. Ordinary refers to the general spinning factory that mixes Tencel and rayon before spinning. The brand refers to the specific process authorized by Lenzing Company. The product name is PROVISCOSE. , Commonly known as Tianshu, the made Tencel rayon fabric is more delicate.

Interwoven Tencel rayon is generally interwoven with warp Tencel and rayon. Tencel dominates the fabric style. Printing and dyeing must be sand-washed. Generally, it also presents a distinct creamy feel, and still maintains super softness and fullness. sense. The original intention of the industry to develop Tencel rayon fabrics is to use Tencel to improve the performance and added value of rayon, so as to reduce production costs as much as possible. It is also to improve the utilization of rayon fabrics and open up new growth points in the market. Restricted by the level of spinning, printing and dyeing, Tencel rayon fabrics started relatively late and have a very low market share. This type of fabric is also a new territory with great development prospects.

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