What kind of fabric is rayon crepe?


  What kind of fabric is rayon crepe? What is the […]


What kind of fabric is rayon crepe? What is the purpose of rayon crepe?

What kind of fabric is rayon crepe? What is the purpose of rayon crepe fabric? Rayon crepe is a fabric made with rayon as a raw material.

Rayon is a cellulose fiber that has been processed and synthesized, the most common being viscose fiber. Viscose fiber has good moisture absorption. Under normal atmospheric conditions, the moisture regain rate is about 13%. After absorbing moisture, it expands significantly, and the diameter increases up to 50%, so the fabric feels hard after being put into water, and the shrinkage rate is large. The chemical composition of viscose fiber is similar to cotton, so it is more alkali-resistant but not acid-resistant, but it is inferior to cotton. Rich fiber has good alkali and acid resistance.

Crepe cloth is a thin plain cotton fabric with uniform longitudinal wrinkles on the surface, also known as crepe. The crepe fabric feels cool and soft, and has good elasticity in the weft direction. The yarn counts used in fabrics are generally below 14.6 (over 40 British counts), with light and thin texture, including bleaching, plain color, printing, yarn-dyed and so on. The warp yarn used in the crepe cloth is ordinary cotton yarn, and the weft yarn is a strong twisted yarn that has been shaped. After being woven into a grey fabric, it is subjected to pre-processing such as singeing, loose desizing, scouring, bleaching and drying, so that the fabric is subjected to a certain period of hot water or hot lye treatment, and shrinks in the weft direction (about 30%). Form uniform wrinkles, and then dye or print, and sometimes resin finishing. The fabric can also be crimped before shrinking, and then subjected to loose pre-treatment and dyeing and finishing, so that the wrinkles on the cloth surface can be more detailed, uniform and regular, and made into various thick and thin straight strips. Wrinkled crepe. In addition, in the weft direction, strong twisted yarns and ordinary yarns can be alternately woven into a crepe with herringbone wrinkles.

The characteristics of rayon crepe cloth: the cloth surface is uneven, light and soft, smooth and novel, and easy to dye.

Human cotton crepe cloth use: suitable for all kinds of shirts, skirts, pajamas, bathrobes, etc., but also as decorations such as curtains and tablecloths.


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