How to clean jacquard fabric


  Nowadays, when people use the jacquard fabrics a […]


Nowadays, when people use the jacquard fabrics accordingly, their products have a good guarantee in performance. And when using its products, it should also be used in a reasonable way according to standard methods. Its products have certain advantages in quality. In order to make its products have good advantages in performance, they should be cleaned accordingly, so that they are favored by people when they are applied. Hangzhou Mengda Industry Co., Ltd Introduce the specific washing method for everyone:

One: When washing the jacquard fabric accordingly, it is not appropriate to rub on rough objects and wash with a washing machine. When washing the product accordingly, the clothes should be immersed in cold water for five minutes, or ten minutes. When cleaning its products, it should be cleaned reasonably according to standard usage methods, so that it can be promoted in people's applications.

Two: When cleaning jacquard fabrics, the equipment should be cleaned reasonably in accordance with standard cleaning methods, so that its products will be promoted when applied. After washing it, it should be dried in order to make it popularized in application. Of course, when cleaning the fabric of its products, the cleaning agent of its fabric should be selected properly.

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