Classification and use of knitted fabrics


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Today Hangzhou Mengda Industry Co., Ltd talk to you about the classification and use of knitted fabrics.

Knitted fabric

It is composed of loops as the basic unit. The loops are interlaced to form a woven fabric, and the process of forming a yarn by a yarn can be carried out horizontally or longitudinally. Horizontal weaving is called weft woven fabric, and longitudinal weaving is called warp woven fabric.

Tissue structure: Knitted fabric also has corresponding structure, including basic structure: flat needle structure, rib structure, and double reverse structure; change structure: change flat needle structure, double rib structure, etc .; color structure, etc.

Flat stitch tissue

It is formed by continuous unit coils tandem connected with each other in one direction.

Ribbed tissue

It is composed of the longitudinal coil of the front coil and the longitudinal coil of the reverse coil in a certain form.

Double reverse organization

It is composed of the front coil course and the back coil course alternately arranged.

Features and uses

The knitted material is soft and soft. In addition to good wrinkle resistance and breathability, it also has greater extensibility and elasticity. It is suitable for underwear, tights and sportswear. After changing the structure and improving the dimensional stability, knitted fabrics can also be used for underwear, outerwear, socks, gloves, hats, bed sheets, bed covers, curtains, mosquito nets, carpets, lace and other clothing, living and decorative fabrics. In addition, it is also widely used in the fields of industry, agriculture and health care.

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