How to judge whether the fabric is TR spandex or cotton spandex?


How to judge whether the fabric is TR spandex or cotton […]

How to judge whether the fabric is TR spandex or cotton spandex?

How to judge whether the fabric is TR spandex or cotton spandex? TR stands for polyester and viscose. Generally, this kind of blending appears in the fabric in the form of short fibers. The physical properties of viscose fiber and cotton are similar; but TR contains polyester fiber (now called polyester fiber); polyester is in burning conditions Black smoke will be emitted from the bottom, and black solids will be generated; while the cotton will burn without smoke, and gray-white ash will be generated! Usually use a lighter to burn it.

What is cotton TC stretch yarn card

What is cotton TC stretch yarn card? Cotton yarn card is a traditional fabric in my country, and it is also a popular fabric at home and abroad in recent years. Recently, the "full cotton stretch yarn card" variety has been launched in China Zhili Cotton Fabric City. It is very popular with domestic and foreign merchants. The number of buyers is increasing day by day. It is expected that its sales prospects are extremely broad. The yarn of the yarn card fabric meets the needs of customers.

The cotton stretch yarn card is the extension and development of the cotton yarn card. It not only maintains the original style and wear resistance, but also adds elastic function to cater to the popular taste of modern people's clothing. The fabric uses 16s cotton yarn and 40D spandex covered yarn as raw materials, selects a fine twill weave, and is woven on an air-jet loom at a warp and weft density of 128×40. After mercerizing, singeing, calendering, sanding, washing, dyeing, etc. Processed with sophisticated craftsmanship. With its fine texture, elasticity, comfortable wearing, resistance to deformation, and durability, it occupies the sales highlight of the fabric market this spring. In terms of color, beige, orange, beige, camel gray, extra black, grass green and other colors are the most popular among customers. The fabric can not only be made into pants for young women, but also a fashionable fabric for making casual wear. Behind the body is beautiful and free, but also full of youthful charm. Recently, the internal sales of the fabric have been increasing day by day, and some of them are exported to Southeast Asian countries after they are finished.

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