How to maintain wool suits


  How to maintain wool suits? How to choose wool s […]


How to maintain wool suits? How to choose wool suits? There are good and bad wool suits on the market, so pay attention when buying.

Maintenance methods of wool suits:

1. Wool is not easy to be dirty, and it is easy to clean. But it is best not to wash it after every wear, you can use an important way to remove dirt. And after each wearing, wipe the collar and the inside of the cuffs with a soft brush, which can not only remove the dust on the wool suit, but also restore the wool suit to the original bulky appearance. Woolen clothing should be given a period of rest between each wear, it is easier to maintain the appearance.

2. If the wool suit has been deformed, it can be hung in the place where there is hot steam or sprayed with a little water to increase the recovery of its appearance. It is not suitable for machine washing, because the wool will accelerate its felting after encountering force. Hand wash with warm water at 30°-40°. Never bleach, because the bleached wool will turn yellow.

3. Before collecting wool suits, use a broom or soft brush to sweep the clothes brush once to remove dust to prevent insects from moths. When collecting, put some camphor blocks wrapped in paper. The weather is hot in summer, and the clothes should be taken out to pass through several times by hanging the wool suit clothes in a dry and cool place.

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