Is pearl chiffon a chiffon fabric?


  Is pearl chiffon a chiffon fabric? Many friends […]


Is pearl chiffon a chiffon fabric? Many friends often see pearl chiffon or chiffon fabric in the description of the skirt fabric when buying skirts. Many people don’t know if these two fabrics are the same or different. To illustrate some of them, they write pearl chiffon. Some write chiffon fabric and pearl chiffon. So what is the relationship between pearl chiffon and chiffon fabric? The editor will explain the relationship between pearl chiffon and chiffon fabric.

First of all, to explain literally, these two varieties contain chiffon. Pearl chiffon is actually a kind of chiffon fabric. Chiffon fabric is a big category, and pearl chiffon is one of the varieties in chiffon. , So many friends have been confused. Although pearl chiffon is a kind of chiffon fabric, due to the uniqueness of chiffon fabric, it will still be distinguished from ordinary chiffon fabric in actual clothing use. The pearl chiffon is called chiffon beads by some people in the industry. The pearl chiffon fabric has a very obvious graininess, but ordinary chiffon fabrics do not have it. The weight of pearl chiffon is also heavier than ordinary chiffon. More, when using a dress of the same meter, the chiffon fabric has a stronger drape and can make the dress look elegant. Compared with pearl chiffon, ordinary chiffon does not have as good drape and looks lighter. , There is no sense of elegance.

Except for the above-mentioned differences, other aspects of the actual pearl chiffon and chiffon fabrics are the same. Pearl chiffon is also light and transparent, smooth and soft, feels cold and elastic, has good air permeability, and has the advantages of light and clean appearance. A brief summary is that pearl chiffon is better than ordinary chiffon fabrics, which can make clothes more elegant and comfortable.

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