Are cupro silk, milk silk, ice silk and mulberry silk all real silk?


  Summer is here, and summer clothes are also on t […]


Summer is here, and summer clothes are also on the market. If you often go shopping or in shopping malls, you will find a variety of silk fabric clothing such as'this silk that silk' in the clothing store. The more common ones are copper ammonia silk, ice silk, and mulberry silk. , Milk shreds. So, what is the relationship between so many silk fabrics and real silk? Below, I will give you an introduction.

Ice silk

Ice silk is actually viscose fiber, but it will make people feel cool when wearing it, so businesses call it ice silk to increase its selling point.

Viscose fiber is made by dissolving wood pulp with chemicals into viscose and then spinning it by wet spinning. Therefore, the composition is the same as natural fibers such as cotton and linen. It is plant cellulose fiber.

The moisture content of ice silk is very suitable for the human body. It has good moisture permeability and air permeability, is smooth and cool, and is anti-static and anti-ultraviolet. The colors are diverse and soft, and it has the drape and shape retention of silk.

But ice silk is easy to get dirty, easy to stick dirt, and can't be washed off if it is not washed for a long time. The strength becomes worse after being wet, and it is easy to become hard after washing too much or for a long time in humid air. Acid and alkali resistance is worse than cotton, so it should be hand washed gently with neutral detergent.


Cuproa is a kind of regenerated cellulose fiber. It is essentially a modified viscose fiber. It is a silk fiber fabric made of cotton linters or wood pulp and then spun into glue. It is just used in the production process. A chemical called copper tetrahydroxide, so it is called copper ammonia wire for short.

The strength of copper ammonia wire is higher than that of ordinary viscose fiber, the strength is reduced in the wet state, and the heat resistance is average. The acid and alkali resistance is relatively poor, so you must use a neutral detergent when washing.

The copper ammonia wire has a soft appearance, has a silk-like feel and light, and has good drape. Although the moisture absorption and breathability are worse than that of real silk, it is still very good overall. It is more suitable for making summer dresses, shirts and other personal clothing. In terms of the effect of artificial silk, it is only worse than acetic acid fabrics.

Copper ammonia yarn also has very good dyeability, the color is very rich and bright, and does not have static electricity. It can be blended with wool and other wool to make knitted sweaters and sweaters.

After washing the cupra wire, there is generally no residual detergent, so it will not cause skin irritation. It can take good care of the skin and has the effect of warming in winter and cooling in summer.

In short, although the overall performance of cupro silk is not as good as real silk, it is affordable, comfortable and hand-feeling. It is still a very good choice for spring and summer clothing.

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