Is velvet a real silk fabric?


Is velvet a real silk fabric? Velvet is divided into si […]

Is velvet a real silk fabric? Velvet is divided into silk velvet and chemical fiber velvet. Silk velvet is generally expressed as SILK/RAYON in English.

The silk velvet base is 100% silk and the surface is 100% rayon.

The bottom of chemical fiber velvet is made of chemical fiber materials, such as nylon, polyester, etc., and the surface is the same as that of silk velvet.

Velvet fabric was first used to make cheongsam, but in recent years, due to the Korean tide, more and more brands have begun to try to use plain silk velvet to make short suit jackets, which are very fashionable with chiffon dresses of the same color. Bright, in the popularity of one-piece pencil skirts this year, it is recommended that fashionable ladies can make a fashion dress with a black cool leather belt, casual suits, windbreakers and coats. It can be made into mid-sleeved or long-sleeved in autumn and winter. It is very practical . It can also be combined with other fabrics, such as bright satin, for more refined details.

It is a kind of special craft silk, usually the silk content is less than 100%. It feels like thin velvet. It can present subtle different colors and glosses under light. It is called real velvet, not necessarily all real silk. It is possible that the content of real silk is relatively low. When you buy it, you should ask how much real silk contains. In particular, some black-hearted merchants think that your laymen don't understand what kind of fabric real velvet is, and they just raise the price blindly.

Velvet fabrics are woven into grey fabrics by yarns containing silk fibers as weaving threads, and are characterized in that part of the silk fibers constituting the yarns are raised to become velvet on the surface of the grey fabrics. It directly raises some silk fibers on the yarn into velvet on the grey fabric. Cut the warp floats on the surface of the fabric with a cut pile knife, so that each pile warp is intermittently lying, and then undergo scouring, dyeing, and brushing to form a product. The density and height of silk velvet fibers depend on the denier, density, floating length of the velvet warp and the arrangement ratio of the velvet warp and ground warp.

Although velvet can be used as clothing fabrics, sofas and curtains made of velvet are more common in our lives. The drape and luster of velvet fabrics will make the home look high-end, of which green and red are the most retro.

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