What are the reasons for fabric fading


What are the reasons for the discoloration of the fabri […]

What are the reasons for the discoloration of the fabric? These ten kinds have to be known.

1. Does the white clothes fade?

Everyone generally thinks that white cloth does not fade. In fact, the color of white cloth after washing or clothes exposed to Taiyuan for a long time will also change. In other words, after washing, there is nothing that does not change, but the color fastness is different. The difference is different.

2. Silk fabrics will almost fade

Except for white and very light colors, most of the silk fabrics will fade, and some clothes will also fade even if they have not been washed by the sun. Washing of silk fabrics In addition to thorough rinsing, this type of clothing must be machine washed and pickled to prevent color fading.

3. Most of the big red, purple, reddish brown clothes may fade

No matter what kind of fiber composition the clothes of these colors are, as long as the clothes of the big red, purple, and reddish brown series colors, most of them may fade. Therefore, whether to use dry cleaning or water washing, we must consider the problem of preventing its fading. Do not mix with clothes of other colors during dry cleaning; add acetic acid to fix the color during rinsing. Most of our laundry shops use anti-fading products to wash this kind of clothes.

4. Dark woolen sweaters and casual pants may fade

Most of dark woolen sweaters and casual pants may fade, so when washing dark woolen sweaters and casual pants, you must use acetic acid to fix the color when rinsing. Try to wash by hand instead of machine wash. Pay attention to prevent contamination inside the machine during dry cleaning.

5. Some leather accessories of clothing will fade

Some clothing is equipped with leather accessories or leather decorations, most of them may fade. Especially when the color of the clothing fabric is very different from the color of the leather accessories, it is extremely easy to cause color bleeding and difficult to repair. This type of clothing is not suitable for washing and can only be dry cleaned. Leather accessories and the surrounding area cannot be smeared during dry cleaning pretreatment. If possible, provide appropriate protection or isolation. It is best to wrap the leather area with a professional cloth.

6. When the pattern of the printed fabric is darker, it is particularly easy to fade

Many clothes use printed fabrics, especially when the printed patterns are darker, the color may fade a bit regardless of dry cleaning or washing. Especially when washing with water, do not soak and use higher temperature; pay attention to pickling when rinsing. Such clothes can be washed after the final test.

7. There is no non-fading fabric in all fabrics

The dye fastness of various fabrics is different, some fabrics have higher dye fastness, and some fabrics have lower dye fastness. But there is no fabric that does not fade at all. Therefore, one should not blindly assume that a certain piece of clothing can be soaked or used high-temperature, high-concentration detergents for a long time. All clothes should be tested beforehand during washing.

8. Wash all clothes with acid at the end

After the clothes are washed with water, except for white and very light colors, they must be overly acidic at the end to prevent color pollution. It also has a certain protective effect on clothes. To achieve the effect of acid-base neutralization.

9. As long as a piece of clothing has more than two colors, regardless of any component, it is necessary to prevent fading

No matter what kind of fabric a piece of clothing is, as long as it contains more than two colors, it is necessary to consider the problem of preventing color fading. Because these clothes are either dry cleaned or washed. The color may fade over time. It is best to choose a short period of time to wash these clothes.

10. In order to prevent color fading, any operation must not be stopped in the middle

Fabric fading may often occur. In order to prevent the fabric from fading and causing pollution, fast washing should be carried out in any laundry.


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