The complex structures commonly used in pocket fabrics are the following.


  1.The fabric of the pocket fabric is divided int […]


1.The fabric of the pocket fabric is divided into two parts by the warp of the two systems (the warp and the warp) and the weft of a system. The weft yarn (the weft and the weft) of the two systems The tissue of a system of warp yarns is called the weft double structure.

The fabric is woven with the same structure, and the same or different appearances of the front and back sides of the fabric can be obtained, and the strips or patterns of different colors can be obtained on both sides of the fabric, and the double-layered tissue is often used for weaving high-grade combed wool fabric, and weft 2 Heavy tissue is often used to weave fabrics such as felts and heavy woolen fabrics.

2.The pocket cloth polyester-cotton weave is interwoven by the warp yarns of the two systems (the warp, the warp) and the weft yarns (the weft and the weft) of the two systems, and at the same time, the upper and lower layers of fabric are formed parallel to each other. The two layers of fabric may be separate from each other or may be connected to each other. A tubular fabric can be formed by joining only the two sides of the upper and lower layers. By connecting only one side of the upper and lower layers, a double fabric can be woven on a narrow loom.we provide pocket fabric(pocketing fabric),we can guarantee quality.

Two or more color yarns are used as the warp and weft yarns, and the inner layer of the watch is exchanged according to the design pattern, and the pattern of the color change in the table can be obtained. The upper and lower layers are affixed together to obtain a double layer fabric. Two-layer tissue is commonly used to weave thick fabrics, paper blankets and other wool fabrics, double-layer uppers and fire hoses and other cotton fabrics.

3.The pocket cloth polyester-cotton weave is composed of two system warp yarns (ground warp, hair warp) and a system weft yarn, or a system warp yarn and two system weft yarns (ground weft, hair weft). The former is formed by warp yarns forming the surface of the fabric, which is called a pile fabric, and the corresponding tissue is called a raised structure.

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