The use and characteristics of TC canvas fabric


The use and characteristics of TC canvas fabric What ar […]

The use and characteristics of TC canvas fabric

What are the uses and characteristics of TC canvas fabrics? TC canvas fabric can be made into single-layer clothes and double-layer jacket styles, which can be used in spring, autumn and winter;

TC canvas fabric features: the fabric is relatively stiff and strong, breathable and sweat-absorbent; fluffing, all-process finishing, lower pilling level; almost no consideration for shrinkage, and the stain resistance level is slightly worse than sweat-absorbent twill. The cloth body is particularly thick, the cloth surface is smooth, the hand feel is stiff, and the appearance is rough.

What kind of fabric is TR messy linen?

What kind of fabric is TR messy linen? The ramie is generally a blended fabric of cotton and silk, the surface is similar to ramie, the tie has more ingredients, the fabric is smooth, not easy to wrinkle, has low elasticity, and is impervious. TR messy linen is not only rich in linen texture, but also very light, it is a good choice for spring and summer women's clothing.

What is the cause of TC fabric fluffing?

What causes the fluffing of TC fabrics? TC fabric is polyester-cotton, and polyester-cotton itself is easy to pilling. If it is short fiber, it is easier to pilling. The main reason is the poor quality of raw materials. The second is the slack organizational structure. Poor density. Once again, it is caused by machine friction during dyeing and finishing, which may be less.

Polyester cotton is a mixture of polyester and cotton, and it feels less comfortable than cotton. It is not as good as cotton to absorb sweat. Polyester is the largest variety with the highest output among synthetic fibers. Polyester has many trade names. "Polyester" is our country's trade name. The chemical name is polyethylene terephthalate, which is usually formed by the polymerization of chemicals, so the scientific name often carries "poly". Polyester is also called polyester. Structure and performance: The structure shape is determined by the spinneret hole. The cross-section of conventional polyester is round and has no cavity. Changing the cross-sectional shape of the fiber can produce special-shaped fibers. Improve brightness and saturation. Fiber macromolecules have high crystallinity and high orientation, so the fiber has high strength (20 times that of viscose fiber) and good abrasion resistance. It has good elasticity and is not easy to wrinkle. It has good shape retention, good light resistance and heat resistance. It dries quickly after washing without ironing, and has good wearability after washing.

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