What are the advantages of tr fabrics?


What are the advantages of tr fabrics? Is tr fabric exp […]

What are the advantages of tr fabrics?

Is tr fabric expensive? What are the advantages of tr fabrics? T/R fabric is polyester and viscose blended fabric. There are many types of polyester and viscose blended fabrics, such as polyester and viscose cotton and linen synthetic fabrics. The current market wholesale price is about 23 yuan per meter of cloth. The width of the fabric is 148cm and the weight of each meter is about 290 grams. Polyester-viscose cotton and linen synthetic fabrics have diversified raw materials, complementary advantages, high-quality fabrics, and impeccable quality, which meet the needs of modern clothing fabrics.

The advantages of tr fabrics are as follows:  

(1) High strength, short fiber strength is 2.6~5.7Cn/dtex, high-strength fiber is 5.6~8.0Cn/dtex. Due to low moisture absorption, its wet strength and dry strength are basically the same, and the impact strength is more Nylon is 4 times higher and 20 times higher than viscose fiber.  

(2) Good elasticity, the elasticity is close to wool, when the elongation is 5%~6%, it can almost completely recover, and the wrinkle resistance exceeds other fibers, that is, the fabric does not wrinkle, has good dimensional stability, and the elastic modulus is 22~141cN/ dtex, 2~3 times higher than nylon.  

(3) Good water absorption.  

(4) Good abrasion resistance. The abrasion resistance is second only to nylon with the best abrasion resistance, which is better than other natural fibers and synthetic fibers.  

(5) Good light resistance, which is second only to acrylic fiber.  

(6) Corrosion resistance, resistance to bleaching agents, oxidants, Jing class, ketones, petroleum products and inorganic acids, resistance to dilute alkali, not afraid of mildew, but hot alkali can make it decompose.


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