What are the advantages of woven composite fabrics


  What are the advantages of woven composite fabri […]


What are the advantages of woven composite fabrics? Plain weave nylon composite fabric is one or more layers of textile materials. In gabardine, clothing and other textiles, it is one of the indispensable fabrics in people's home life. Generally can be divided into woven composite fabrics and knitted composite fabrics. For woven fabrics, Wujiang Runze Textile now has a new type of material made by bonding composite fabrics, non-woven materials and other functional materials on work fabrics such as cationic. Suitable for sofa.

What fabric is generally used for woven jackets

Recommended answer: It depends on what material you want. Yarn 1. Yarn is woven from fibers with a certain strength and fineness, and can be processed into materials of any length. It is the basic unit of fabric. 2. Yarn fineness representation (English system): refers to the length of 840 yards (1 yard=0.941 meters) of a pound (454 grams) of cotton yarn at the specified moisture regain, which is a few inches of yarn. Simply read as "a few yarns" and the unit is represented by "S". The larger the number in front of S, the thinner the yarn, and the lighter, thinner and softer the fabric woven into. The smaller the number, the thicker the yarn, and the heavier, thicker, and coarser the woven fabric. The structure of the fabric When the fiber is spun into yarn, it can be woven into a fabric. Because of the different machine principles used for weaving, the internal structure of the woven fabric is different.

Usually can be divided into two categories: woven and knitted:

Woven fabric: Two or more sets of yarns are interlaced at right angles to each other. The yarns showing the longitudinal direction are called warp, and the yarns going back and forth horizontally are called wefts. Because the yarns of the woven fabric are intertwined in a vertical manner, it has the characteristics of firmness, stability and relatively low shrinkage. The following is an introduction to several commonly used woven fabrics; cloth types Features Advantages Disadvantages It is used for the cloth pattern on the surface and bottom of the elastic flat cloth. The drawing frame is added during the weaving process. Because the fabric has a framed wire to make the finished product elastic, more lines, thinner, smoother, durable, and stiffer. Because it contains many cotton ingredients, it is easy to wrinkle after washing and needs to be ironed. It is mostly used in shirt yarn-dyed plaid fabric. It is composed of a variety of colored yarns. The yarn-dyed fabric does not decolorize and has many colors. Twill with longer fabric period has more warp yarns than weft yarns (usually 3/1), forming a diagonal pattern. The special fabric structure makes the twill weave strong three-dimensional, the plain weave is dense and thick, and the luster is better and softer.

It is mostly used on trousers. Beaded canvas. The surface and bottom of the fabric are the same. The finished product is more straight. The thin bead sail is more wrinkle. The denim weave is the same as twill, but only the warp yarn is dyed. specification. The cloth has many variations, can be applied to different styles, is washable, wear-resistant and durable. The stiffer nylon cloth has the same pattern of artificial fiber on the surface and the bottom. It is durable, easy to wash and dry, and the cloth surface is hairy and keeps warm. Exposure to the sun will cause embrittlement. Corduroy used for windbreaker or outerwear is woven by a special loom, and has 3.5 pits, 8 pits, 13 pits, 21 pits and other specifications after fuzzing. The cloth surface is hairy and keeps warm. Mostly used in shirts and trousers.


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