TR four-sided stretch fabric will become the new favorite of the market


TR four-sided stretch fabric will become the new favori […]

TR four-sided stretch fabric will become the new favorite of the market

A few days ago, a new casual wear fabric "TR four-way stretch" that integrates functionality, comfort, and fashion has been launched in China Zhili Cotton Cloth City, which has attracted the attention of many merchants. Some are purchased from spot and some are small. Select samples in batches and place orders. According to industry analysts, this cloth will be sold in Xinde, and the market conditions are promising after the Spring Festival.

TR four-sided stretch fabric is a new flower of blended fabric, and it conforms to the popular taste of modern clothes. It is understood that this product is made of T/R 40S/2+40D*40S/2+40D as raw materials, composition content: T/R/SP: 65/30/5, and it is woven on a rapier loom with a twill weave. Unique craftsmanship, advanced dyeing and finishing technology, environmentally-friendly active dyeing, color fastness above level three. Promoting the attractive appearance of the cloth style, it can be said to be a beautifying family, making people forget to return at first sight. The width of the cloth is 150cm, and the weight of cloth per meter is about 380-400 grams. The wholesale price of cloth is about 16 yuan per meter. The color is rich and easy for people to buy. This cloth is suitable for making casual wear, trousers and other clothing for handsome men and beautiful women.

The reason why TR four-sided stretch fabric is favored by people is mainly due to its high quality and beautiful appearance, followed by the affordable cloth price, which is in line with mass consumption. Not long after the listing, merchants came in droves, and the number of demanders increased day by day, mostly from clothing manufacturers.

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