What are the reasons for fabric pilling?


Is fabric pilling a quality problem? What fabric is eas […]

Is fabric pilling a quality problem? What fabric is easy to pilling? Textile fabric manufacturers analyze for you

Many consumers often have a question when buying products: How does pilling occur? Generally speaking, pilling is caused by friction on the surface of the fabric, and the fibers are entangled to form a ball shape, which is called pilling.

So what factors can cause pilling?

How can we prevent it?

Reason 1: Fabric characteristics

The difficulty of pilling varies with different fabrics.

Pure cotton
Advantages: moisture-absorbing and breathable, soft and skin-friendly, easy to clean, hypoallergenic, not easy to fluff
Disadvantages: easy to wrinkle, easy to shrink, easy to deform

Advantages: warmth, soft hair, good elasticity, strong heat insulation
Disadvantages: easy to pilling, easy to shrink, easy to felting reaction, easy to be eaten by insects after mold

Advantages: lightweight and durable, smooth surface, easy to wash and dry, fixed elasticity, fixed stretchability
Disadvantages: easy to generate static electricity, most pilling

Advantages: good elasticity, high strength, stiff, not easy to break, no ironing
Disadvantages: poor air permeability, not easy to dye, easy to generate static electricity, easy to pilling

Advantages: natural fabric, comfortable, light and breathable
Disadvantages: easy to wrinkle, not stiff, poor elasticity, and itching

Advantages: smooth and soft, good texture, colorful, skin-friendly and comfortable
Disadvantages: easy to wrinkle, easy to shrink, difficult to manage

In summary, textile fabric manufacturers reminded that the non-pilling fabrics include cotton, linen, silk, etc. If you really cannot accept the phenomenon of pilling, it is recommended to choose this type of fabric when purchasing bedding. Fabrics that are easy to pilling include wool, nylon, polyester, etc., but each has its own advantages.

Reason 2: Use

In the process of daily use, frequent static electricity and friction will also cause pilling.
Friction: The friction between the fabric and different fabrics will cause different degrees of pilling.
Static electricity: In daily life, static electricity is everywhere. For example, if you take off your clothes at night, you will hear a crackling sound accompanied by blue light; when you get up in the morning and comb your hair, your hair will float.

Reason 3:Improper washing

Improper selection of washing time, temperature, and detergent can also cause pilling.
Washing time is too long: If the washing time is too long, the fibers will be damaged due to mechanical force, which will cause more fiber ends to break and increase the possibility of pilling.
Washing temperature: Improper washing temperature can also cause fabric pilling. The washing temperature is best controlled between 20-45 degrees.
Detergent: Neutral detergent or soap powder should be used.

How to prevent pilling
(1) When washing, strictly follow the washing instructions.
(2) Try to choose fabric materials that are not easy to pilling, such as pure cotton products.

Pilling of fabrics is a common situation in daily life, but pilling is not always a quality problem. However, we can try to prevent pilling. While choosing a good product, we also need our daily meticulous maintenance.


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