What is the polyester blend fabric


  What kind of fabric is polyester blended? Polyes […]


What kind of fabric is polyester blended? Polyester is one of the important fabrics in synthetic fibers, and everyone also calls it polyester fiber. Although we know the fabric of polyester, what kind of fabric is polyester? Friends who like to shop should want to figure out what polyester blend fabric is. Let's discuss with you what kind of fabric polyester blends are, so that you can become professional fabric people.

What kind of fabric is polyester blended fabric? Polyester is a synthetic fiber, the raw material of chemical fiber fabrics, it is not a fabric itself. Polyester is the previous name, the scientific name is polyester, and the full name is polyethylene terephthalate. The strength is better, the abrasion resistance is banned, and the color fastness is very good. However, it has poor moisture absorption and air permeability, so it is not suitable for underwear, suitable for blending raw materials or outerwear fabrics.

Polyester is not a fabric. We usually only say that the component of a certain fabric is polyester. Polyester is the raw material of chemical fiber fabrics, and it is a filament processed by a special process from polyester chips. The biggest difference from the previous materials is that they are relatively light and have toughness. From a certain angle, the blended materials can play the light function of textiles very well.

Wool-polyester fabric refers to a fabric made of wool and polyester blended yarns, and is currently the most common type of blended wool fabric. Among them, worsted wool-polyester thin tweed is also known as cool cloth, commonly known as wool is indeed cool, and it is one of the fabrics that best reflects the characteristics of wool-polyester blending.


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