What kind of fabric is hemp/cotton knitting?


What kind of fabric is hemp/cotton knitted fabric? Line […]

What kind of fabric is hemp/cotton knitted fabric? Linen/cotton fabrics are divided into knitting and woven fabrics. Linen/cotton knitted fabrics are woven with circular knitting machines or warp knitting machines. Linen/cotton knitted fabrics have soft texture, moisture absorption and breathability, excellent elasticity and extensibility, and can be produced. Sex. Hemp/cotton knitted clothing is comfortable to wear, close to the body, without any sense of tightness, and can fully embody the curves of the human body. Modern linen-cotton knitted fabrics are more colorful and have entered the stage of development of multi-functionality and high-end. New linen-cotton knitted fabrics with various texture effects and different functions have been developed, bringing unprecedented sensory and visual effects to knitwear. Hemp/cotton knitted fabrics are comfortable to wear, and are now developing rapidly and have a good future for development.

Nowadays, many types of fabrics have preferential prices, like a floral cotton and linen fabric, suitable for making sofas, curtains, and tablecloths. There are a variety of colors for consumers to choose from. The original price of 1 piece (length 0.5 meters, width 1.5 meters) It is 22.5 yuan, and the discounted price is 5.98 yuan; a ethnic style fabric in Lijiang, Yunnan, has good moisture absorption, breathability, and warmth. It is suitable for making sofa covers, pillows, restaurant, bar and cafe tablecloths/curtains, 1 piece (long 1 meter, width 1.5 meters) original price is 19 yuan, the discounted price is 8.2 yuan; a polar fleece short-haired coral fleece fabric, which can be used to make summer blankets, air-conditioning blankets, bed sheets, clothing, dolls, pillows, 1 piece (long 1 meter, width 1.6 meters) The original price is 15 yuan, and the discounted price is 12 yuan. These products are all sold well in the store. "The owner of an online shop selling fabrics on Tmall introduced to reporters." Judging from the recent sales volume of products, this pure cotton floral fabric is a popular item in our store. The product is made of Aksu long-staple cotton. The quality is good, the fiber is soft and long, there is no irritation in long-term contact with the skin, and the heat resistance is good, sweat absorption and wrinkle resistance are better than artificial cotton.

It has 51 designs and colors, suitable for bedding and children's clothing. At present, this product has a discounted price. In the past month, the transaction volume of this product has reached 8,000. "The owner of a fabric online store said. The price cuts of fabric products have increased consumers' enthusiasm for buying. "I usually like to DIY hand-made small things at home, such as wallets, tablecloths, pillowcases, pencil cases, etc. I have made them. They all buy fabrics online. Recently, I found that there are a lot of cut-price fabrics on the Internet, and I found it very suitable, so I increased the number of fabrics to buy. "Consumer Ms. Chen said. "I like to sew children's clothing for children. A few days ago, I also bought some fabrics online, which are all discounted products. I think that choosing the fabrics I like and designing the styles I like will not only allow the children to wear good quality clothes, but the production process will also bring me fun. "Consumer Ms. Yao said.

Now, do you think all the mysteries in your mind have been solved! Do you have a detailed understanding of the price of hemp/cotton knitted fabrics? Do you have any ideas in your mind that you want to switch to the hemp/cotton knitted fabric business?


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