What kind of fabric is silk blend?


What kind of fabric is silk blended? Real silk fabrics […]

What kind of fabric is silk blended? Real silk fabrics are divided into two parts, one is pure silk 100% natural silk fabric, and the other is silk blended fabric. So what kind of fabric is the silk blend? It is mainly blended with those fabrics. Next, Heyida Textile will explain to you what kind of fabric the silk blend is.

Compared to the question of what is the real silk blended fabric, such as silk-cotton blended silk-cotton satin or silk-cotton spinning or silk-polyester blending. Real silk is a very thin silk, which cannot be blended with any other textile fibers at present. Can you imagine a hair strand blended with a hemp rope? Real silk is hundreds of times thinner than hair! The comparison between the thickness of real silk and cotton yarn and chemical fiber is basically the concept. Real silk is a protein fiber, which is the same as the chemical composition of hair. When it burns, it has the smell of burning hair, and there is no black mass that cannot be pinched. This has already explained that there is no such thing as a silk blend fabric.

The silk blended composite fabric is a kind of special textile processing and unique dyeing finishing using superfine fibers, and then processed by "composite" equipment. According to the introduction of textile fabrics, composite fabrics have applied the high technology and new materials of "new synthetic fibers", and have many excellent properties (compared with ordinary synthetic fibers), such as fine, clean, delicate, elegant and warm fabric appearance, and full appearance of the fabric. , Windproof, breathable, with certain waterproof function, the fabric has good breathability.

The silk blend is made of superfine fibers, so the fabric has a high cleaning ability, that is, decontamination ability. Another feature of the fabric is: good abrasion resistance, the microfiber fabric is soft, breathable, and moisture permeable, so it has obvious advantages in terms of touch and physiological comfort. The microfiber fabric has poor wrinkle resistance (this It is caused by soft fibers and poor elastic recovery after creasing); in order to overcome this shortcoming, a "composite" process is adopted, which greatly improves the shortcomings of poor wrinkle resistance of ultrafine fiber fabrics. Composite fabric is a popular outerwear fabric in Europe and America.

What kind of fabric is a silk blend? Strictly speaking, there is no such thing as a silk blend. What kind of fabric is silk blended? Actually, it's just artificial silk fabrics. At present, silk blended fabrics on the market include pajamas and home textile products.


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