What are the characteristics of Tencel fabrics?


Seven characteristics of Tencel fabrics briefly introdu […]

Seven characteristics of Tencel fabrics briefly introduced

   Even if you are not particularly familiar with Tencel fabrics, but only have a simple understanding, then everyone should know that this fabric has the following seven characteristics under the promotion of material and technology:

  Soft: Tencel fiber fabric, because it is made of natural materials, the texture is very soft, and it feels very good when touched by hand.

  Comfortable: Tencel fabric is very comfortable to use because of its texture and characteristics, so it is very suitable for making fabric products that need to touch the human body.

   Breathable: Tencel fiber itself is very breathable, so the fabric made of it has the characteristic of breathability, which can quickly permeate moisture, and when made into clothes, it can well absorb human sweat.

   Smooth and cool: The texture of Tencel fabric is very smooth, and it feels cool when touched by hand, so that when it is used to make summer clothes, it will feel very good.

   Good drape: Tencel fiber fabric, like real silk fabric, has good drape, so the finished clothing and bed sheets are very flat.

   Durable and durable: Tencel fabric is very durable and can be used for a long time, and the fabric made is not easy to be damaged.

  Environmental protection: As natural raw materials are used, and the manufacturing process is also environmentally friendly, Tencel fabrics have the characteristics of green and environmental protection.

Bed sheets made of Tencel fabric have three major advantages

   As far as the application of Tencel fabric is concerned, it is not only used to make all kinds of clothing, but also used to make fabric products such as bed sheets. Among them, as far as the application of this kind of fabric in bed sheets is concerned, it is mainly able to make the made leaflets have the following three advantages:

   has excellent moisture absorption: sheets made of Tencel fabric have excellent moisture absorption, which means that they are more breathable during use and will not accumulate moisture. Such sheets will be more comfortable to use. And the moisture absorption is good, which means that it is easy to soak the sheets when cleaning, so it will be more convenient and efficient to clean.

   has a smooth and elegant nature: the sheets made of Tencel fabric are very smooth and elegant, so when laid on the bed, they are easy to tidy up, and can be kept in a flat state during use, and it is not easy to wrinkle due to use.

   has good comfort: the sheets made of Tencel fabric have good comfort, and are not only very comfortable to the touch, but also achieve good performance in comfort due to breathability.

   These are the advantages of bed sheets made of Tencel fabric. The reason for these advantages is due to the relevant characteristics of the fabric. These advantages are also available in other fabrics made of this fabric.


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