What kind of fabric is TC?


  TC fabric refers to polyester-cotton fabric. TC […]


TC fabric refers to polyester-cotton fabric.

TC cloth composition: Tterylene, namely polyester, is a synthetic fiber; C stands for cotton, which means cotton, here refers to high count cotton yarn. TC is polyester-cotton fabric.

TC fabric is a blend of polyester and high-count cotton yarn. The proportion of polyester in polyester-cotton fabric or polyester-cotton yarn is greater than 50%. TC fabric combines the advantages of both cotton and polyester. Its strength is high, the fabric has good elasticity, but it is firm and has low moisture absorption.

Precautions for cleaning TC fabrics

1. The washing water temperature of polyester-cotton fabrics should not be high, and the temperature should be between 30 degrees Celsius and 40 degrees Celsius;

2. The detergent used should not contain chlorine bleach, super whitening, strong alkali detergent and industrial detergent, and neutral or general detergent should be used.

3. Do not dry clean;

4. After wearing the clothes and sweating, they should be washed with soap in time. After washing, they should be blown or dried in the shade. It is not suitable for high temperature exposure. Because the sweat contains salt and alkali, if you do not dry sweat for a long time, it will destroy the color fastness of the fabric, destroy the structure of the dyeing material, and cause the phenomenon of color and color fading.

5. For long time in high temperature and harsh environment, special work types such as furnace front, barbecue, electric welding, etc., due to various reactions of dyeing materials, decoloration, color change, color shift, color change, etc., it is recommended to choose this white The fabric is good.


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