Which is more suitable for making bags


  Oxford cloth, nylon cloth, canvas which is more […]


Oxford cloth, nylon cloth, canvas which is more suitable for making bags

Which of Oxford cloth, nylon cloth and canvas is more suitable for making bags? Many customers do not know whether to use nylon cloth, Oxford cloth, or canvas to make bags when ordering bags. Today I will give you a brief explanation.

Nylon, the main material of which is polyamide fiber, the main purpose is to weave cloth, which is an artificial high molecular material. The material of nylon cloth is nylon.

Oxford cloth originated in the United Kingdom. We know Oxford University in the United Kingdom. Oxford cloth is named after Oxford University. It is a traditional combed cotton fabric whose material is mainly polyester or nylon. Oxford cloth has many uses, such as making luggage, making flood and rainproof supplies, etc.

Canvas, a relatively rough fabric, is mainly made of cotton or hemp. Originally the purpose of canvas was to make sails, and canvas was also named after it.

What is the difference between the three? Commonality is its purpose, and it can be used to make bags. The difference is that the price of nylon is much more expensive than Oxford cloth, and nylon and Oxford cloth can be used to make waterproof products and are more durable. The point of canvas is that it has good air permeability, but canvas is easy to be dirty, and its wear resistance is not good, and it is easy to damage.

Then see here, I believe everyone has a bottom in mind. In comparison, Oxford cloth bags are not only waterproof and durable, not easy to dirty, and have a long service life. The most important thing is that because they are made of bags, the amount must be relatively large. Compared with nylon cloth and canvas, Oxford cloth is much cheaper and cost-effective. Without special requirements, it is the best choice to choose Oxford cloth custom bags!

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