The difference between artificial and purified fiber wool-like fabrics


Artificial fiber wool-like fabric Traditional wool-like […]

Artificial fiber wool-like fabric

Traditional wool-like fabrics made of viscose and artificial wool fibers have a dull gloss, a weak hand feel, and lack of firmness. Due to poor elasticity, wrinkles are prone to occur and do not fade away easily. The strength of the yarn extracted from the fabric after wet water is significantly lower than that in the dry state, which is an effective method for identifying viscose fabrics. In addition, this kind of wool-like fabric becomes hard and thick after soaking. With the advancement of science and technology, wool-like products have also made great progress in terms of color, feel, and durability. High-tech textile products are constantly being innovated to make our world more colorful.

Purified fiber wool-like fabric

Generally, synthetic fiber is used as the main material, and artificial fiber or colored silk is used as the auxiliary thread, and some of them use novel synthetic fiber (special yarn) as the main material, such as Cailisi, Lelisi, Oolongsi, fat thin silk, etc. With appropriate fabric structure, weave wool-like fabrics of different thickness can be woven. This kind of fabric has two kinds of slubs, which are natural in style. Has the natural style characteristic of natural fiber. After scientific and reasonable dyeing and finishing treatment, the fabric has bright color, good gloss, firmness and elasticity. Suitable for mass consumption.

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