What kind of fabric is a knitted sweater?


  What kind of fabric is a knitted sweater? How is […]


What kind of fabric is a knitted sweater? How is the fabric of a knitted sweater made?

What is the general composition of knitted sweaters? What is the fabric of the sweater? Knitted fabrics can be divided into underwear fabrics and outerwear fabrics according to their uses. The characteristics of underwear fabrics are fit and portable, elastic, comfortable, convenient to exercise, good softness, good moisture absorption and air permeability, and good anti-wrinkle performance, but the fabric is easy to fall off, poor dimensional stability, easy to snag, fuzz and pilling. Varieties include flat stitches, mesh fabrics, double ribs, single ribs, and pile.

For outerwear fabrics, its characteristics are firmness, wear resistance, low shrinkage, easy washing, and elasticity. The main products include:

1. Weft knitted outerwear fabrics: synthetic fibers, natural plain fabrics, yarn-dyed and printed fabrics, georgette fabrics, velvet, and blended and interwoven fabrics. Weft-knitted chemical fiber fabric has high strength and good elasticity, but it is easy to snag and fall apart.

2. Warp-knitted outer fabric: it has purified fiber and blended fabric. It has better slippage than weft knitting, less extensibility, stronger structure and shape stability than weft knitting, stiff and non-wrinkle, strong and durable, easy to wash Quick dry.

Modern knitted fabrics are more colorful and have entered the stage of development of multi-functionality and high-grade. New knitted fabrics with various texture effects and different functions have been developed, bringing unprecedented sensory and visual effects to knitted products.


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