Characteristics and appearance of knitted single-sided cotton jacquard fabric


  The characteristics and appearance style of knit […]


The characteristics and appearance style of knitted single-sided cotton jacquard fabric. The single-sided cotton jacquard fabric has the characteristics of uneven and irregular jacquard and inconsistent coil size. Therefore, some of the front loops of the fabric are small, some are drawn very long, and the number of floating lines behind each loop is different. Some loops have no floating lines behind, and some loops have 1, 2, or more floating lines behind. . These elongated coils are under great tension under the action of pulling force, and will also tighten adjacent flat needle coils.

After the weaving of single-faced cotton jacquard fabric is finished, the elongated large loop shrinks, but the flat stitch loop does not shrink. In this way, there are shrinkage parts and non-shrinkage parts in the same grey cloth, where the non-shrinkage parts are pinched by the shrinkage parts, and even if the flat needle part is wrinkled, at the same time, the floating line floats on the reverse side of the fabric to form an additional layer, so that The cotton jacquard fabric produces an uneven appearance.

When designing this kind of single-sided cotton jacquard fabric, if the concave and convex patterns are properly arranged, a product with obvious relief style and strong three-dimensional sense will be formed, which can also give people a novel, lively, rugged and easy-going feeling. The bump effect (significance of wrinkles) produced is mainly related to the size of the coil index. The greater the difference in stitches, the more pronounced the wrinkles, but the size of the stitches is restricted by the nature of the yarn and the complete structure of the pattern. The size range of the pattern depends on the jacquard capacity of the equipment. The wrinkle significance is also related to the elasticity of the yarn. The appearance effect of single-sided cotton jacquard fabric varies with the arrangement of pleated patterns. Therefore, when the gap between the large and small loops in the fabric is large, a product with significant unevenness and strong three-dimensional sense can be formed; if the gap between the loops is small, a small crepe product is formed.


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